Giardino dei tarocchi


About 2 hours away from Ermitage Macchiabella.


Niki de Saint Phalle's inspiring experience.



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Monsterpark Bomarzo


The "Monster Park" of Bomarzo is situated about 3/4 of an hour from Ermitage Macchiabella.

These "monsters" are original stone sculptures of gods, dragons, fantasy characters, ghosts houses, etc., which are located in a wooded park. It is a little outside of the village of Bomarzo in a hollow and is not visible from above. It has a large parking area, a cafeteria, garden seating and a playground. A small bridge leads to the park. Thanks to the brochure you will find all the objects quickly, there is also a small tour. It takes about 1 hour for the visit. Although it is all the in the forest, it does not need any hiking boots, good trainers or walking shoes is optimal.


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La Scarzuola - to be seen


About 45 minutes away from Ermitage Macchiabella.


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Gubbio - worth seeing


Approx. 1 hour away from Ermitage Macchiabella.


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The Marmore Waterfalls

The waterfall is about 3/4 of an hour from Ermitage Macchiabella.

In a context of unique beauty, this work goes back to the Roman era.
For about 50 years, the waters of the waterfall supply power plants; the abundance of water is in the focus of the whole region and origin of the industrial development of theTerni region. Of great importance are the iron and steel industries as well as the electrochemical and power plants.



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Perugina is a historic brand of the Italian confectionery products. The food company, specializing in the production of chocolate and production and sale of confectionery products, was founded in Perugia on November 30, 1907. In 1988 it joined the Swiss group Nestlé.

His most famous product is the chocolate "Bacio Perugina", a dark chocolate shell with soft filling of hazelnut and crunchy hazelnuts.


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