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The olive grove on the "Macchia", which means "little forest spot", is beautifully situated on the southern slope of a hilly landscape adjacent to the Valley of the Tiber. The Valley lies South of Perugia and it gave birth of the River Tiber, which flows to Rome.


Our olive trees are fifty years old and grow on a sandy ground. After years of running wild, 2007 they have been cut again.


There are different cultivar, among which Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo; this is a good measure against diseases, but also the cultivar with large fruits can be used to preserve the olives in glasses.


We strictly avoid any chemical treatment of the trees - our credo is the organic method and we take our inspiration from the biodynamic agriculture, which is a method of organic farming.


We let analyse the 2013 production. It has resulted in an acidity of 0.17%, a very low level, therefore very positive; this indicates an excellent quality. Harvesting at the right level of ripeness is a very important factor in order to get a high quality oil. A prolonged maturation causes increasing formation of water in the fruit, consequently a higher degree of acidity.


Ermitage Macchiabella

Via Macchiabella 9

IT - 06054 Fratta Todina (PG) Umbria - Italia





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