NEWS October 2021
Here are our Autum NEWS - what we have done so far and how we look ahead to 2022.
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NEWS June 2021
This time with several novelties.
Have fun while reading.
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NEWS January 2021
Start in the new year and our LOGO's
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NEWS October, 2020

For once, instead of news in writing, we have decided to publish a short movie.
It is a presentation of our homelike "Cristallo" Guesthouse, with an inside view, as well as of the outside area, with the nice garden and natural swimming pool.
Who knows, this may one day entice you to spend your holiday in the quietness of the Umbrian countryside.


NEWS April, 2020
Here are our Spring NEWS.
Enjoy the reading.
Kind regards from Umbria.
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NEWS February 2020 - To all wine lovers
Dear Ermitage Macchiabella friends
When was the last time you laughed? When was the last time you turned off your smartphone and got bored? Offline is the new organic.
At Ermitage Macchiabella you can finally let yourself go. Because we are dealing with earthly things that can truly be experienced. Happiness starts within ourselves. Everyone carries their own images of happiness in them, but some people forget to think about themselves and their happiness!
Isn't it that we often think of others and not of ourselves? Have a look at your agenda. Are there many appointments signed for you personally? If so, it is not necessary to visit our place for the tranquility and the quietness, we will happy to give some travel advice. If not, however, you can benefit from this special place. There are many natural forces around Ermitage Macchiabella that can have a magical effect on you. One way to find out, for example, is to go for a walk.
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NEWS September 2019
Dear Ermitage Macchiabella friends
Soon the season is over and by looking back we can say it was an exciting year. Faithful guests visited us again, but also interesting new people found their way into our hermitage.
This year we were able to introduce our horses to friends and guests. Since we work with an interesting concept, the participants took it very well. In such a way they have never been confronted with animals. It's always a lot of fun for us because it never comes out the same as we work very individually and adapt the program to the participants. We also know that all people are different, therefore we also don’t stop learning.
Since spring had turned out unusual and the weather in May was bad, the blossom of the olive trees was pretty much down the drain. There were hardly any fruits in the course of the hot summer. So the harvest promises nothing good, means a lot less oil!
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NEWS May 2019
Dear Ermitage Macchiabella Friends
Find peace in yourself is a wonderful and attractive moment. There are several methods to achieve it, for example to meditate. There would be an even more intense way - take a trip to the green heart of Italy, to Umbria. We would love to meet you here in Fratta Todina, where the hilly landscape kept his particular character and charm. Where the good and fresh air caresses your face and speeds up your heart.
Book one week into the stillness of
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NEWS of January 2019
Dear Ermitage Macchiabella friends
From mid March on we open our activity again and we are looking forward to meet interesting guests, the fantastic Italian weather and our dearest friends the horses. Up to now our guests were all really special persons. This is just great.
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NEWS of November 2018
Dear Macchiabella Friends,
What an exceptional year it was, 2018, “weather-wise” speaking! To the green heart of Italy in Fratta Todina, Perugia summer brought green grass. Something that happens very seldom; we haven’t seen our garden this way in ten years. Our horses could pasture during summer and our garden was full of wild flowers.
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NEWS of July 2018
Dear Ermitage Macchiabella friends

Writing is silver - Pictures are gold

For once, we have decided to keep our text short and let talk pictures (take a look at the attached PDF).
For those who have not yet decided where to go for the autumn holidays, for the period of last week August – first week of October, our apartments are ready for you.
We act according to the motto, first come - first served, i.e. the swifter lies in the sun.
Discover the green hearth of Italy and check out our homepage, including updated booking calendar for both apartments, where also many beautiful pictures can be found.
Wishing you a wonderful summer, best regards from Umbria.
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NEWS of March 2018
Ups – soon spring is kicking in and everything starts growing – new services: dog sitting, car rental and taxi and as usual our Macchiabella NEWS.
This time we will shortly discuss the central idea of Ermitage Macchiabella regarding Ecologic Economy. That implies many aspects such as ecologic gardening, ecologic energy saving, etc. We think that we need to do something for our extraordinary planet. We get from earth so much – so we have to give back something!
Soon our dear friends, the horses are happy to come back home. The spacious paddocks are filled with fresh grass which make horse’s hearts beat faster.
And the Bistro is now renovated with a roundtable in a cozy space, protected from the heat, cold or wind. With pasta e vino our guests will enjoy the nice view even more.
Attention: Lupo, our Argentinean dog, and Minu, our red cat, are back in their territory. After three months of absence all the little creatures have to take care because they are excellent hunters.
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NEWS of July 2017
Here on our hill in Umbria the weather is just always nice. Summer started only some weeks ago but the whole Bel Paese has a drought never seen since two hundred years. Nevertheless we are happy to report about our latest news. There is Claudio's new path in the woods he is working at, the new fence "keep the dog at his place" round the house and of course the new dress of the flora and fauna on the territory. But the greatest happening for us, was the sight of the Hoopoe, this wonderful bird with black and white stripes and his beautiful face in pink colors. The date of the olive harvest is given in the second week of October.
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NEWS of May 1, 2017
This time our NEWS report of the works we handled in Spring and the start of the new season at Ermitage Macchiabella. From a recent survey of the TCS (Touring Club of Switzerland) it has emerged that Italy is and remains a priviledged destination for holidays.
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NEWS of 14.01.2017


Slow down the pace of life

We often want to do lot of things, but at the end of the day our intentions were put aside. Everyone actually knows that one should deal much more with him/herself. Unfortunately, everything else is always more important. So our body and our soul receives more attention only when it gets sick. This is not the way it has to be. We have so many virtues to discover in us. For this purpose you need time! Also only a short period of time.

What about a trip to Italy – to a quiet, beautiful place like Ermitage Macchiabella?

The holiday season gives us the opportunity to plan a relaxing trip. The best way is to escape from the usual places and surroundings – out of everyday’s life. A week can mean a lot of time. It is a matter of quality. Once arrived in our place you automatically get closer to the so called trend of deceleration. When time stands still and you make this experience, you enter in a new state of mind. This usually arises after the third day. At the same time it’s important to take care of what you eat. So a special attention to your diet is given. We are well equipped for this and believe in natural food: we are what we eat.


At Ermitage Macchiabella you will find a peaceful environment which makes you feel comfortable. Of course the state of being happy begins in ourselves. Everyone carries his own pictures of being happy. For example to travel can make you feel a lucky, happy person.

Take a trip to Umbria and discover this unknown, mystical region. Umbrian people rebuild their villages in the same style as it has been tradition for thousands of years. Their cuisine is simple and in its simplicity the original taste is preserved. It is like a journey into the past in the middle of the highly developed world of the now. Nothing goes quickly in Umbria; first you need  to take  time to talk to the people. Every foreigner is scrutinized, it can be even a bit rude but in any case the stereotype loud Italian does not live here.

At Ermitage Macchiabella we are busy with our animals every day. Grooming the horses and moving them in the round pen, the dog needs his walk around the property (reading the newspaper). Apart from the cat Minù there is no independent soul living here. Perhaps you are interested in confronting yourself with the fear of big dogs or the fear of horses. We help you to understand the language of our animals.
Maybe someone is interested in a pet therapy or animal communication. But we manage also workaholics. At first the question is, if they want to accept the challenge. Not an easy thing to do.



NEWS of 26.08.2015

Dear friends


And rain finally arrived. We had to pass through incredible hot months. June and July were so hot this summer – in Umbria and elsewhere. There were temperatures over thirty-five degrees. Our olive trees had no problem, they just grew nicely – but the rest of it suffered. The horses drank double, the Natural Pool was producing algae never ending and the “watering troop” was in full action. Eventually the weather has changed – still sunshine but temperatures as we love it!

Our guest of Ermitage Macchiabella wrote only nice reviews and this made us happy. The smaller guests loved our horses; especially Kouskann our fox red Arab horse is so cute with children. Starting from the age of ten we allow children to have the first approach to the horse. Also experienced riders can use Kouskann without problems.


We are proud to report about some innovations. The bigger of the two apartments “Cristallo” got a brand new dishwasher and the terrace lying to the south now has a wooden roof for shade, which was perfect with these temperatures. Also the parking space got a new construction of wood and bamboo for the shade.

We laid out a working field 40x20 m for riding the horses inside a paddock – that is for real fun and more space. Finally, we build a little garden house with gazebo for the space around the natural pool. The very nice view overlooking the Tiber valley can be admired from that spot.


Come and look on our homepage for more information. We wish you a nice ongoing of the summer and will come back to you on the issue of the olive harvest.


With best regards.

NEWS of 07.04.2015

Dear friends


Easter holidays are over and the question is: where do I spend my summer holidays?


We have an idea: at our place in Umbria, Italy. Check what you can expect on our homepage

And you will find a summary of all information under


By the way: the calendar shows complete (“belegt”) only if both apartments are booked.


As a reminder, there are direct flights from London to Perugia-Airport. Consult the Homepage of Aeroporto Internazionale dell'Umbria, Perugia.


Enjoy reading our homepage and kind regards from Fratta Todina.

NEWS of 23.02.2015

Dear Ermitage Macchiabella Friends


During the rainy days of winter time we worked out some very special and exclusive offers for you, changed the portal of the Homepage and inserted lots of nice spots of interest.


One idea is worth to mention: while you stay on Ermitage Macchiabella you can either order a meal (20.- Euro/pers) to be served directly at your apartment or there is the possibility to organize a personal chef which will take care for all food matters during your stay.


Have a look to the beautiful places of interest to visit.


For booking please check here for availability.


Wish you great fun reading the news and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.


Kind regards.

We are affiliated to an initiative promoted by the Associazione Italiana per le Acque Balneabili Naturali (Italian Association for the Natural bathing waters).

This achievement has been possible as we have a natural swimming pool.

Ermitage Macchiabella

Via Macchiabella 9

IT - 06054 Fratta Todina (PG) Umbria - Italia




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