Natural pool


The natural pool functions without chemical additives. It offers great refreshment during the hot days in summer. This natural pool is a very special pool with clear water and many water plants.


His position in the garden has a spectacular view over the Tiber valley. It works with no chemistry - means that the algae have the role to keep the water clear. This is the reason of our affiliation to the initiative promoted by the Associazione Italiana per le Acque Balneabili Natural, the Italian Association for the Natural bathing waters, who granted us the Natural Quality brand (see below right).


Instead, the inhabitants are of another interesting note: the blue and red dragonflies, the water lilies that bloom between May and August - in short, all the biological diversity of intact nature.


The natural pool is divided into two parts: the filtration basin, for the regeneration of the water, which is filtered by the plants, as well as by the sand and gravel. In this part access is not allowed. The larger basin is for taking a bath, therefore at disposal for swimming.


Children under the age of 12 are allowed in the natural pool with adult supervision only.



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