Apartments, natural pool, Bistro and more proposals



An Italian country house awaits you, with a beautifully situated natural pool (a rarity!).


Ermitage Macchiabella has two apartments for rent: one is "Cristallo, of about 65 m2,  the apartment "La Stalla" has about 50m2.


Both apartments have a modern equipment including towels, a smart selection of wines from the region, upon arrival you may even order a fill-up of the fridge. The natural pool is easely accessible from both apartments.


Every Monday morning, on the market of the nearby town of Marsciano, you may buy seasonal products. In few minutes there are shopping possibilities.


Against a fee, we will of course take care of your laundry, including ironing.



Ermitage Macchiabella

Via Macchiabella 9

IT - 06054 Fratta Todina (PG) Umbria - Italia




Cell +39 320 743 4170 Daniela

Cell +39 320 298 6458 Claudio


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