We are Italian and German-speaking Swiss, who have settled down here. Obviously we apply our typical Swiss way also in the care of our place.


Also part of our team are Lupo, our  dog, Minu and Tappo, our cats, and four horses: Dayan, Karim, Kouskann and Rudy.


Daniela has build the house according to ecological building criterias, giving special attention to furnishing. Our objective is to care the garden and the olive grove organically.


With great dedication we produce a valuable and much appreciated organic extra virgin olive oil. 


Claudio likes the genuine Umbrian cuisine, the excellent, though little-known wines and cultural sites. He is acquainted with some wine producers and knows several excellent restaurants located in the area. He will be glad to give you some suggestions.





Ermitage Macchiabella

Via Macchiabella 9

IT - 06054 Fratta Todina (PG), Umbria - Italia




Cell +39 320 743 4170 Daniela


Cell +39 320 298 6458 Claudio


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time to rest