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Welcome in the land of the Etruscan people





Our place has a pretty garden and a natural pool with a spectacular view on the Tiber Valley. The aquatic plants and the purling of two small waterfalls impart a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. On about four hectares of land there are other guests: foxes, porcupines, hares, ravens and birds of all kinds. Lupo, our farm dog, provides security.

The open stable, the paddocks, the roundpen and the working field for our horses are an integral part of Ermitage Macchiabella. The horses are our friends. They are able to look into our hearts. With pleasure we shall introduce our friends to our guests..

In addition to the beautiful site with horses you can explore the beautiful countryside.

Land of the Etruscans

The Etruscans were Italy's first large population. The frescoes, jewelry and pottery that were found in their graves are witnessing a highly developed culture. As of today,
in villages you can see their influence in art and culture. Their origin and their language are still not fully explored. Around the 9th century V.C. they were widespread throughout central Italy, though "Etruria" was never a real state, but rather a confederation of various cities. Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio are rich in Etruscan treasures, especially tombs. There are important museums with significant collections of Etruscan art and cultural objects.

We are happy to give you tips for day trips of cultural, sporting and entertaining nature.



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Ermitage Macchiabella

Via Macchiabella 9

IT - 06054 Fratta Todina (PG) Umbria - Italia





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